Undead Paladin Chapter 5: Discovery

Now that it was clear that she wasn't going to die in the sunlight she set to march onward in the hopes of getting out of the woods and find a road with a car or two willing to pick up hitchhikers – while praying that the people that pick her up don't rob/rape/kill her. While Amanda seemed pleased that the sun wasn't an enemy of hers the strange tingling sensation was becoming irritating, though not painful. Though it seemed deeply absurd that the sun made her light up like a disco ball now, she could at least walk in the sun.

Undead Paladin Chapter 4: The Changing

There was a meeting at the testing facility of Banisters Inc located north of Orillia as the panicked scientists and patrollmen gathered in the boardroom with a few of the big-wigs of the company – likely in charge of the PR department. Anxiety was high and no one in the facility was sure of even what had happened. The heads of the departments of the facility were quiet as they took a seat at the round table in the boardroom, and this ominous silence would be broken by Dwight Benton, head of Banisters Inc, Canadian branch.

Undead Paladin Chapter 3: The Dawning

Yes, the poor farm house and the little family that rested so comfortably within it. Yes, the poor little dwelling overseeing several hectares of non-industrial farmland out in the middle of nowhere.

In that dead of night they would be sleeping, yes, sleeping, as the pigs were away in the barn and the grain that was part of their diet laid out there in the field soaking moonlight. The dogs employed to watch the farm at night were asleep in an open kennel by the barn, defending their charges while stray cats slept along the fawna nearby.

Undead Paladin Chapter 2: The Escape

Amanda laid on the cot of her cell, eyes wide awake for she was too restless to succumb to sleep. All thoughts of violation, mutilation, and sully ran through her for the dawn of the fifth day was approaching. She didn't bother to move from her cot when the 8:00 meal was being served. Food didn't taste the same anymore and she was feeling weak.

Undead Paladin Chapter 1: The Creation

The wind was indeed cold as the night loomed over the that heavily wooded area north of Orillia and away from the heart of the testing facility used by the Banister's Corporation: an independent drug company that is in the race to finding a vaccine and cure to the vampire virus that now haunts the world.  Banister is a leading export that has been making their money for the past five years advising task forces, policy makers, and other researchers on what vampires are, and how to deal with them.  They had been doing research for the last ten years in vampirism as they race with other corporations in finding that miracle cure or vaccine that could soon cause vampirism to be a problem no more.