Designs of our Slave Race chapter 7

Chapter 7

“Well, I hope that everyone here is having fun with the HX01 unit that has been assigned to them,” Devon stated at one of our meetings.

“Yep, I'm having my fun all right,” Philip stated in a raunchy tone, “Hadn't been so satisfied in a long time. Could replace women as we know it.”

“Oh I'm sure you are you pervert,” I shot back, “Gotta love Phil, who can get a droid, which is not programmed to do that I might add, to jerk him off.”

“Enough!” Devon rose his hands to silence the room of the IT chicka and pervert engineer stand-off. He then continued on, his bony figure hovering over the table as he continued, “I would like to know if there are any problems that anyone is having with the HX01.”