The Vessel: Chapter 1

This is Travis of the Phenoix-Belle, your signal has been received and I am towing your pod onboard. Please remain calm as I mean you no harm.”

This phrase echoed through the escape pod in a calm male voice as she felt a jerk to indicate that she was moving at a different direction and velocity than she was before. It wasn't long before she found herself peaking through the viewing panel and saw a large shiny vessel out into the blackness of space. Marle appraised such a thing to be a scout ship which would likely have a crew of about five to twenty people.

The Vessel: Prologue

Space Pirates. No one likes them. They are an evil that wastes thousands of trade credits by damaging and stealing from merchants and their freight ships. For this reason there are patrols send to dispatch the pirates, using long range sensors to and tracking beacons to tell the freight and transport ships apart from the pirates.

Yeah, like that helped.

Seriously, as the freight ship The Almos ventured into its authorized destination it was surrounded by war ships: pirates.