Designs of our Slave Race chapter 9

Chapter 9

I had noticed that since then Ben hadn't asked as many questions as he used to. This perturbed me, for I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking. What he was thinking about. I was afraid to find out, being a bit happy that he wasn't quite so chatty. Still, I couldn't really help but wonder. Perhaps he had learned whatever he felt he needed to know, or maybe he figured that asking me questions bothered me...

Or was it the phonecall from that night? Had he heard enough of the call to know that the 'slaves' were he and those like him? I prayed that it wasn't the case, for if I was right than he might turn against me for being a slave.

All this I would find out in time. It was a few weeks after deployment and there was a meeting to touch base, to report that all was well and all that before being assigned a new task, maybe the creation of an upgrade model or something entirely new - I would never find out.

Oddly enough, somehow worth mentioning, Philip wasn't at this meeting. Devon noted the absence for he was invited like at any of the other meetings before this. Alas, we had to move on.