Designs of our Slave Race chapter 8

Chapter 8

It was two weeks after that meeting when I would have questions of my own to ask Ben.

“Ben, what were you programmed to do?” I inquired into him, burning my green eyes into him.

“I was programmed to make my assigned human happy,” he replied mechanically, as though it was a precoded function for him to say that.

“How does it make you feel to make your human happy?” I asked back. I needed to know in my heart that the last while had been an overactive learning matrix and nothing more.

It would seem that Ben had to think about what I had asked him, trying to find an answer that would best fit what I had asked him. I awaited in hope that this thinking would result in an error, have him tell me that he did not understand, even have this thinking produce a glitch that would result in a crash that I would note and have the HX01 examined, but my stomach sank when I learned the truth: “I feel happy when your happy I assume.”