The Soal: The Guts of the Matter

"Colts noticed his feet looked of rubber," the soldier replied.

"Looked of rubber?" I asked.

"Yeah... its one of the warning signs..." he continued, "according the the investigators limbs looking of rubber are a common symptom: it means that their skin is hanging off of them and being changed from the new guts inside of them."  He then looked into his mug and went quiet.

The Soal: The Conspricy

My search started with Darmon's troop.  I wanted to let Nana have a chance to recover from her loss before I started to question her.  The troop was in the city proper doing training so getting to them wouldn't be hard, though I had to get to them by train.  Still, I had to find out what some of his fellow troops knew about him, and more importantly, how his personality changed.

This was a challenge as not just anyone could walk on base, but this was remedies by knowledge that I purchased from a guardsman telling me of an afterhour hangout off base.  It was a cantina that had seen better days, though as the soldiers were their only clientèle, and its frowned upon for a soldier to drink heavily, the money wasn't flowing like milk and honey, but they were earning their keep.

The Soal: Introduction

It is believed by the people of the Phynara city-state that among us are the Soal: these monsters whom kill a person, wear their skin, and live the life of the original person.  They could go about the world without the loved ones, colleagues, and acquaintances would never know.  This is a scary idea among the people, who have laws to deal with these things, and means to find them out.

And I'm here to tell you that it's all bullshit.

I'm Redena Bakeman, and I submit to the Ordona council that not only are the Soal not real, but that the belief in them has no founding in logic or reason, and is rooted in nothing more than mass paranoia - and anyone accusing someone of being soal is to be treated with the scorn that any grudge informer deserves.