The Vessel: Chapter 4

While Travis didn't like the idea of directly engaging the Hiopchete, he also had to agree with Marle's resolve: if this band didn't follow the rules set by the Hiopchete themselves... whatever you call the federation of them is lost to me as it is to them... there was no way to tell if this group of rogue Hiopchete weren't above murder. Course, when sensors detected the charging of weapons from the lead ship, Travis didn't have time to compute Marle's state: he was too busy piloting the ship.

Now, being a ship AI... sorry, Nigh, he was proficient at flying a ship. Having your mind directly connected to helm and navigation would do that. So, he was able to dodge the first few volleys before the port side took a hit.

The Vessel Chapter 3

It was quiet on the bridge. The only person on the ship was Marle, and she sat there watching the stars on the monitors.

Other than background engine noises that can barely be heard from the bridge, it was quiet. Just her and the computer.

Then it got too noisy.

With a start Travis appeared on a holographic panel with a panicked looked in his face. "Sensors are detecting another ship coming our way."

"Do you know what they are?" she asked him.