The Soal: Conclusion

With my findings I tell Nana, my friend, that her husband was likely not soal at all.  Her reaction was an understandable level of rage and anguish.  After all, she was going through misery that no one should go through, or at least not at the level she was at.

"I was starting to take his advances seriously," she told me, "Seymour had some time off and had been visiting me for the past week.  He wanted to comfort me."

"I don't know what he wants from you," I told her, "but he had your husband killed for it.  It can't be good."

"My god!  He didn't even tell me it was his order," was Nana's response.

Right.  Colts had told Nana that this was all done under an inquisitor's advisement.  Funny how DelVora's fellow solider made no mention of an inquisition.

That night Colts came to visit her as he always.  Nana had me present when she asked him about Sergeant DelVora, her husband.

"I told you, the inquistioner looked him over and told us," he replied.

"What inquistioner?" I asked.

"The one assigned to us," Colts replied.

"How stupid do you think I am?" I retorted, "The military does not bother with inquistioners: they consider the soal a civilian matter."

"Since when did you learn about military protocol?" he blabered?

"Even if there was one, the courts and an actual executioner is responsible for carrying out the sentence," I hissed, "you can't just gut a man on a whim."

"Gut?" I heard Nana cry, "Seymour... you... extracted... him?"

"I... I did it for you, for us," he replied, stupidly, "I can love you better than him, and all there is... this woman.  You wouldn't let her stand in the way of us."

"Seymour... did you kill Darmon?" she whimpered.

"Yes," he replied, "baby, I can really make you feel so womanly again.  Darmon was taking that away from you... oh  I could please you so..."

"I loved that man you know," she began to tear up.

"I can love you better..." he kept going, "you'll forget about him once you've known me."

"What's wrong with you?" she screamed, "you honestly think it works that way?"

"Nana, baby, give me a chance."  His final plea of peace.

"... I need you to go," Nana said, "please."

"Nana, I wanted to do things peacefully," he tried to retort when I shot out "she wants you to leave.  Honour that soldier."

"I don't take orders from you," he screamed.  "Doesn't matter, you're trespassing," I replied just as loudly, "you have no legal business here and Nana, the property owner, has explicitly asked you to leave."

I know he was going to be difficult, so I had my back to Darmon's old gun rack with my hand on the latch.

Colts noticed I have firepower and stormed out.

Nana spent a few nights with me while we filed the paperwork to try him for murder.  He is currently awaiting trial.  I was worried that the process would be sabotaged, but many of the soldiers in his battalion have stepped forward to testify against him.

The dark reality is that those men believed the soal and followed their orders without question.  That lead to the mob that lead to the lynching of Darmon DelVora.

According to the courts, 60% of 'soal' are lynched in mobs.

Lets stop this vile practice.