Undead Paladin Chapter 13: New Paths

“He created the world in seven days, breathing life into us so we could walk in creation with him. He delivered us from the bonds of slavery in Egypt, and he gave prosperity to us in Israel. Despite this we sinned, and acted ungratefully. He could have smited us, but instead he gave us his son to pay our debt of sin in his blood.

“Now, before you retort with 'but what has he done for you; specifically?' well he has done much for me. For one thing he granted me spiritual guidance through the church and their sacraments. He forgives my sins so that I may go into heaven when judgement comes. He is why I am alive and why I walk the world today.

“God has granted me much... much that a godless person like you can't possibly fathom, though the church doors are always open, and you can learn. Course, God extends his good work as he is the source of goodness, and the light. He is why there is good: and we must combat the evil that is among us. God is forgiving, but he punishes us as a father punishes his children. I know your going to jump on that, but he does reward good behaviour as well, for he is a good father... better than any parent in the world.

“God made me this way for a reason... I'm not sure what it is, though I assume it has something to do with the need to rid the evil before the events in Genesis eighteen sixteen to nineteen twenty-nine*... or worse, Genesis chapters six to nine** repeat themselves in our time. In this, if I can stop the horsemen of the apocalypse from coming, as they have been predicted in Revelations... perhaps that is the best thing God has done for me: made me a vassal for his work on Earth.”


Lilith was still in a bad mood from the missing gun from the makeshift armoury inside her office. Morning had broke and the hostel guests who didn't live there were starting to leave. Matilda, the early morning clerk, who was hired mostly for not being pale nor having shoddy circulation, sat with her eyes in mid-haze as the guests rolled out. Some still remember the days when the night wasn't something to fear, but that was long ago... relatively speaking.

From the dungeon that was the basement emerged a tired and angry Lilith. “Everything alright miss...” Matilda tried to say, only to be cut off with “Nothing is the matter.” Matilda had no part of the events that occurred within the little grouping that Lilith had amassed and Lilith wanted it to stay that way.

Watts followed Lilith shortly thereafter with a piece in his hoodie. Lilith quickly grabbed him. “Should I remind you that Toronto is in a state of shutdown due to events from last week?” she quickly barked at him. The boy was almost a son to her, and she didn't want to lose him.

“Yeah...” Watts replied.

“That the people that killed Twist were thoughtless enough about him that they burned his corpse to despise of the evidence?”

“That those people in Orillia are willing to kill to protect their secrets?”

“Lilith, I'm aware of the dangers,” Watts finally replied before walking out the door, his hoodie up and a pair of shades to guard his eyes as he went down the street.


“Is there a dude hiding in the clouds that treats us as children from the day we are born to the day we die? Is Big Brother really out there beyond the gov bullshit? I'm infected. I'm infected like so many others out there. Where is this dude when Twist died? He did nothing wrong, if you can believe that.

“Its funny... see, my mom died when I was little, and Lilith took me in. Flawed she is, but I can't imagine a better parent out there then her. If God is really a good parent why so many kids in shit skids? Why all the talk of hell and death Amanda?

God gave me nothing: he is a bastard. Real humans have been nicer to me, and the church is poison. The devil is in vampires. The devil is in heretics. The devil is in the man. The devil is in all of us.

“Now, get your head out of your ass. Messiah you are not... bitch.”
*When God smites Sodom and Gomorrah
**The Noah's Ark story