Undead Paladin Chapter 14: Brasing Changing Tides

Watts was on a bus heading to the hot zone known as Toronto. Knowledge that the safe house in Toronto had been seized ran through his mind, so his thirst for vengeance on Twist* was going to be a a difficult and dangerous one to quench. Nevertheless, Watts mind was set on it, and no possibility of being killed by Toronto police or vampire hunters wasn't going to deter him.

Course, getting on the bus was a bit of a challenge: after all, he was going to be searched before boarding by the driver. He obviously didn't get caught, I mean, it was daylight out and Watts was concealed enough to block the sun, but expose enough that no one would look at him and think 'vampire.' With that, he boarded, while smuggling the gun that he was going to use on the people or person responsible for Twist's death.

The ride was calm. The bus wasn't packed like it would have been back in the days where many a Barbarian** flocked to the centre of the universe*** known as Toronto, Ontario with its shining lights and its tall skyscrapers that made it a miniature of New York City, USA. These days, especially now, being in the country or a small town was more advantageous than a larger city. Why? Its simple really: the police can only be in so many places, and larger cities tend to have more police - and vampire hunters – than a smaller location.

Those lucky bastards living in the Yukon, North West Territories, and Nunavut****!

Anyways, there was a plan to get some of the survivors from the 'incident' in Orillia to Toronto, where they could hide in the crowd. However, with the blitzkriegs the police, hunters, and apparently a third bad party, occurred, no smart person is going to dare Toronto unless they were stupid, or had a day job down there... or really liked being harassed by police and waiting in lines at checkpoints.

This was going to be hard, and Watts knew this from the get go. Course, he will need all the help he can get... like where the black market is so he can get more ammo for his illegal handgun.


“Well, well, if it isn't the jail bird...” Lilith's voice trailed when Amanda walked into her hostile, “I got word from the street... you wouldn't have been the only dumbass that got themselves caught out in the middle of the night.”

“Sorry Lilith,” Amanda replied, “I just... well... I needed air... tis all... really.”

“Air?” Lilith replied, “and let me guess: you stepped out for a brief moment and the police were on to you like flies are to honey,” Lilith asked in a mocking tone.

“Yes... yes that's right,” Amanda stuttered.

“Your welcome,” Lilith replied with a cold grin on her face. Amanda stared at her, confused.

“Lilith... I don't think I understand...” a piece of Amanda was panicking. Did Lilith know what Amanda was up to that night on the streets of downtown Barrie?

“Someone had to help you with that garbage story,” she scornfully spat, “I mean, the police, assuming their not challenge on a matter more important, are quick, but they are not as fast as Superman.”

“Are you...” the words died in Amanda's voice when Lilith piped in “yes darling, I am.”

There was a cold and shivering silence. Amanda's cold skin started to sweat as she felt the tension rise. Lilith's serpent-like glare was nailing her deep in her soul.

Finally, the silence broke: “Now, again... cuz no one just steps outside in the middle of the night when there is a country-wide curfew,” Lilith's harsh accusation rang true.

“Lilith, I was outside... I just wanted to feel the air... walk around a little... the sun doesn't feel right anymore, you know?” Amanda's voice shrilled with innocence: innocent she could have had a week ago. Damn them in the lab for making her this way.

“The sun doesn't feel right?” Lilith replied, “really now?

“Watch this!”

Lilith stepped towards the door of the lobby area they were in. She opened the heavily tinted door that lead from the hostile to the sunny day outside.

It was quick.

Lilith stepped into a beam of sun that shone from the opened door. Her skin started to smoke. It turned red. She screamed in agony.

It was quick.

After what must have been less than five seconds the doors were closed and Lilith approached Amanda. Her exposed skin was red. Parts of it were blistered. Lilith stared wild-eyed at a horrified Amanda.

“Now... quit your bitching Ms Cullen and be thankful you can still walk in the sun,” An angry tone growled from Lilith, “don't walk outside at night unless you must dammit.”


“Mommy, I assure you, I'm alright,” Paula replied to her mom when she was questioned on her cold skin. Paula's tattered clothes, along with the dirt and the sweat that dried on her was a deep indicator of what she had gone through. She sat at the table as her mother prodded her on.

“Honey, what happened?” she asked her.

“Mom... these people... they took me... they did 'things' to me... but I escaped... there were others... like me...” her words were disjointed and stressed. Paula clearly didn't want to talk about what happened, but mommy wouldn't allow for it.

“Sweetheart, where did they take you?” Mom kept going.

“This lab. They stuck needles into me...” her voice trailed off.

“And you say there were others?” Of course mom was worried: suppose something horrible was happening that could affect the household.

“Yes...” Paula went on, “all in this cellblock. I remember some people were having conversations in through the cells...” Paula chuckled, “there was this one woman... she was about Hannah's age I guess, who kept praying... over and over again... the same prayers and everything.”

“What did they do to you,” mom kept at it.

“They stuck me with needles... I don't know what was in the needles.”

“But your so cold.”

“I know... I know! Please, I don't want to talk about it.”

*Would you like a plot hint? Click the link. Your welcome.
**A slang term referring to people from the city of Barrie.
***A nickname given to the city of Toronto, in reference to how the city is covered in Canadian media and the fact that Toronto is known for being a really big city with a high ethnic diversity: facts residents love to brag about.
****Northern territories in Canada, which tend to be sparely populated.