Designs of our Slave Race chapter 4

Chapter 4

About a year later, as the disturbing elements of the puzzle were fitting together we would start alpha testing. In alpha testing the development team would get a prototype droid to use in the office to test for glitches and bugs that were left uncaught earlier in development. The thing seemed “happy” to do some of the cleaning work around the office, getting us coffee and me sodas (for I never got the stereotypical taste for coffee) and would sometimes talk to us in the staff room and would make appearances at the meetings to see how its progressing. As it was an alpha test there were bugs and glitches and the dam thing would have to had been restarted and dismantled multiple times in finding the bug.

The HX01 looked like any of our other droids: it was made of iron, it had six legs two of which would be used for gripping things, its torso was a square block, and it had black patches along it which where optic sensors. The thing would talk, and we could talk to it. It sounded all cute and that with its unisex robotic voice, asking rather simpleton questions like “How you doing?” “Can I help you further?” and would complement us for doing things or on slight variations on our behaviour. In a meeting I mentioned how annoying this was.

“I think its cute,” Devon said at the meeting, “That it would talk to you like that, on its own.”

“I agree with Miss butch here,” Philip piped in, “Who wants a nagging droid? Most of us wouldn't tolerate that type of behaviour from an actual woman.”

“Who did you last date Phil, Lara Croft?” I said to him, then turned my attention back to the boardroom, “but alas, he has a point, as crude and sexually harassing as his statement was.”

“Maybe its too stupid,” Devon added in, “Gordon, Shannon, make them smarter.”

“I think the solution might be to make the things silent until they have something to say,” I shot back at Devon, “In that they only speak if spoken to, or if there is an emergency of some description.”

“Course,” Phil replied, “By the way, last week I dated an actual woman.”

“How much did she cost?” I asked rudely.

 “Funny,” Philip responded.

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